The New Revolution Community

The movement against boredom in everyday gaming. We want to establish a relaxed get-together. Our helpful community warmly welcomes new players and helps keep the same actions in the bottom Level areas quickly overcome to have fun. We are more focused on longevity of the community. Your advantages:

  • Nice and helpful community.
  • Frequent communication via Teamspeak.
  • At almost any time one of the admins is available.
  • Suggestions are welcome.

Players about us

"Great server settings. Even players with less time come here at their expense. Great and friendly community that is always fun to have. I've been playing here for several months now, finding my long-term server ..."



"Good server with good settings, people on the server are very helpful and nice. Active admin to talk to."



"I have been on the server for a few months and I am very satisfied. The settings are good so far, but I often wish more Harvest or Breeding Events (until now that was only once on the server). Active admins and supporters take care of the concerns of the community and are always available and friendly."

Chello Herbat


The Team


Founder of the TNR community and server technician.


Pioneer and ARK admin.


Pioneer and server technician.


Support management and contact person